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Levy & Gills


Your Strategic Partner

About Levy & Gills

We are a multidisciplinary consultancy firm

At Levy and Gills we strive to offer an expert approach in various sectors to help you navigate the business world with ease. We are your strategic partner accompanying you in  the process of making your business a success.

Our clients include both private and state entities from Africa, Asia and Europe.

We have an expert team specialized in different sectors ranging from financial consulting  to real estate and  accounting.

About Us



Industry & Retail

Our experts in fisical and online retail can help advise and optimize the full supply chain to adapt to the new world of retail.

Industry faces similar problems as their B2B clients change their purchase patterns.

Financial Services

We understand this complex industry which is currently in constant transformation, from shifts in client preferences to Fin-Tech, our experts can advise quickly to keep up with the current pace of the industry.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is a very complex industry highly dependant on the geographical location of the assets. We count with experts in 4 continents advising in how to invest and develop real estate with local knowledge.


Through deep knowledge of the sector we are able to advise and help take the best decisions. Making the right choices in this complex sector is essential as a mistake can cause big losses.

Energy & Natural Resources

We are experts in highly regulated sectors and with the help of our legal team you will be able to navigate this environment and achieve your goals.



We deliver value to our clients by using our multidisciplinary knowledge to their advantage. With years of knowledge in our primary sectors we can help make strategic decisions that will greatly benefit your business.

Accounting & Legal

In order to best manage your business our expert financial team will take care of all legal and accounting requirements so our clients are compliant in every jurisdcition they are present, something essential in our globalized world.


Our expert chartered accountants will take care of our client's audit needs, whether as auditors for the company or as external auditors we have the tools and team to perform these tasks.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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